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Racing Boy and YY Pang Racing Sports - Assisting Riders with Quality Products
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Racing Boy and YY Pang

As any experienced motorcycle rider knows, it's not just the type of motorcycle that determines quality performance. Motorcycle parts are a key and integral part of machine stability and durability, and in Malaysia, experienced and novice riders alike have excellent sources for high-quality motorcycle racing parts and gear. Since the 1990's, two superior companies have been providing enthusiasts with professional parts and gear created by riding enthusiasts from days of yore.
Companies Racing Boy and Y.Y.Pang Racing Sport are dedicated to supporting the motorcycle and motorcycle racing industries through their commitment to delivering excellent, high-quality parts and gear. These leaders in Malaysia's high-performance racing motorcycle parts take pride in their role in manufacturing and selling specialised riding and racing gear.
Racing Boy began its journey in 1995. Mechanic and motorcycle enthusiast Mr. Lee Meng Tek, from Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang, started the brand, and in 1998, moved Racing Boy to Malaysia and had his two dearest brothers join him in business. The brand has continued to grow, becoming an icon in the Asia motorcycle racing world.
Motorcycle racing parts company Y.Y.Pang Racing Sport's founder, Mr. Pang Yok You, created a modified exhaust pipe for his racing Vespa in 1970. He then spent 20 years honing and perfecting his design. To this day, Y.Y.Pang prides itself on crafting high-quality yet affordable motorcycle racing parts, specialising in modified, premium racing exhaust pipes, which enhance performance and speed on the track by increasing horsepower.
Participants in Malaysia's Cub Prix, celebrating its 21st year in 2014, can get all they need to increase and improve their underbone racing motorcycles from Racing Boy and Y.Y. Pang Racing Sport. Racing Boy has been a continued supporter of Y.Y Pang Racing Team over the years because of their commitment to excellent motorcycle products and prominent racing team.
Experienced, professional, and novice riders have two "partners" in parts, attire, accessory, and gear supply, both of whom are dedicated to excellence, quality, and high-performance. Racing Boy and Y.Y.Pang Racing Sport provide riders several choices of high-quality supplies for Malaysia's motorcycle racing and riding needs.
One cannot discuss motorcycle riding without discussing that all-important component - safety. Unprotected riders risk injuries, curtailing your ability to ride. Riding unprotected is not worth the risk, so ensure your safety by purchasing quality protective gear from one of Malaysia's reputable motorcycle parts suppliers, Racing Boy online store. Suits, body covers, gloves, goggles, and hard protectors are available a mere click of the mouse away, online.
Motorcycle racers need quality, comfortable gear for off the track as well, and Malaysian motorcycle parts professionals can wear proudly the excellent, quality gear provided through Racing Boy's online store. T-shirts, tank tops, jackets, and rain gear must be high-quality to withstand the rigours of riding and racing, and Racing Boy has several stylish offerings.
Together with Y.Y.Pang Racing Sport, Racing Boy provides a comprehensive spectrum of products and services to motorcyclists and this provides a useful collaboration for motorcyclists.

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